Better than Net Zero

CFS uses a data driven approach to maximise the benefits of growing in a city and avoid the financial and environmental costs of the final mile. Growing the hardest to transport produce using underused assets into valuable growing spaces turns your ESG from a must have overhead to a valuable asset.

Protected IP enables a carbon consuming supply chain. Our automated CloudGro greenhouses can be installed above a retail warehouse, office, car-park or hotel. A commercial greenhouse will invariably run a gas boiler to create CO2. Growing at the point of need conusmes the CO2 all heavily occupied buildings pay to dump – usually at roof level. This can improve building efficiency significantly (Scope 1&2) emissions while tackling Scope 3 emissions. Transforming a building’s waste into the freshest herbs, salads, small fruit and vegetables money can buy – CloudGrown to order – at significantly lower cost.

Concept Image: an urban supermarket with a CFS growing facility installed on the roof.

To help you reach Net Zero we thought outside (above) the box.

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