Our CloudGro systems track the growing to order of the freshest herbs, salads, small fruit and vegetable at the point of need. Whether you look after one site or many you can keep track of your crops and ensure they will be ready when needed. We offer crop planning for short cycle crops to allow for varying demand with the ability to vary time of harvest to match any short term demand variation. As well as reducing waste this can increase sales by avoiding empty shelves. Both outlet and consumers can see their crop history from Seed-to-Sale.

We would love to see locally grown crops branded CloudGrown in the font and colours of the retailer to highlight the freshest crops and the lowest carbon footprint money can buy. For those interested we will offer an App allowing consumers to access the crop history – including who sowed the seed.

Complete data from Seed-to-Sale

Remotely Monitor your Crops

Full Traceability for the Customer

Adjust cropping to match Seasonal Demand

Sustainable Data-Driven Crop Care

The CloudGro® portal is currently in development, please contact us if you want to know more or to register your interest.